Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Remember that 32 week line in the sand I was so happy to cross? Well, it really was just a line in the sand, because here I find myself in the hospital with PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) and proteinuria (protein in my urine). The babies are doing well, and we're hoping there's a chance I can go home on bedrest and homecare.

The PIH won't resolve until they are delivered (and hopefully doesn't progress to full blown pre-eclampsia), but we're hopeful that it's stable enough for the time being allow me to rest at home, which will be much more restful than being in hospital.

The twins are doing well, seemingly oblivious to all of this. And, Maeve is faring relatively well with the adjustment, happy to have Nanny at home with her. It's a lot of running back and forth for Brent though.

That's all for now, hopefully good news to come later today.


  1. Thinking lots about you! Hoping those babes stay in there as long as possible!

  2. Thank goodness it is just a "blip" Sweetie and I am so proud of you as you continue to maintain your sanity and your sense of humour !!

    Do you ever entertain the idea that the twins [especially the boy] might be playing along with the widget twins ?

    Obviously I have.....REST and REST some more ..

    Love you so much !! xo